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Community & Stakeholder Management

Stakeholder engagement is central to recognising the needs of local places and successful engagement leads to better quality plans, decisions and services, with communities that feel empowered and involved in deciding how their places grow. 

Depending on the business or organisation stakeholders can differ. They can include business owners, boards of directors, shareholders, regulatory or government agencies, suppliers, employees, and customers, each has a unique perspective about what it will take for the organisation to succeed. 

At LGI we believe that a key components of engaging effectively will be to build on existing links with communities, stakeholders and local organisations, involvement of elected members at all levels of both central and local government as community representatives and the development of new relationships as appropriate to ensure that all parts of the community are able to participate.

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​Our services

  • Stakeholder analysis & mapping

  • Officer and Member engagement

  • Community and stakeholder influencing

  • 1-2-1 Neighbourhood outreach programme

  • Event organisation

  • Conference support

  • Social media and other digital platforms campaigns

  • Digital events & virtual meetings

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