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What is it?


We mediate between political groups in situation when disagreement affects the smooth running activities on the council. 

Who needs this?

CEOs, Leaders, Leaders of the opposition, other stakeholders. 

How does it save money for the councils and the public?

Resolving political disputes via mediation is:

1. Prompt, so key decisions are made in time

2. Confidential, so no adverse information is revealed to the public

3. Beneficial to parties attending as often relationships between adversaries are improved as a result of achieving the outcome through mediation. 


What is it?
We mediate between the residents who are not satisfied with the council services and councils and / or Ombudsman services and / or other organisations. 

Who needs this?

Council departments dealing with complaints, residents, complaint resolution organisations in local government space. 

How does it save money for the councils and the public?

Resolving residents' complaints via mediation allows the council:
1. Better investigate the complaint and gather the information
2. Prevent the situation form further escalation and from possible legal action
3. Ultimately, save public money payable from the council budget on fines, pay outs and legal costs. 



What is it?

Council face the same risks in getting involved into a legal dispute as any individual or a company. It is a proven fact in the legal industry that ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution, such as mediation)  provides significant savings to legal budgets of all parties involved in a possible litigation. 

Who needs this?

We provide mediation services in the following dispute areas:

1. Dispute over commercial contracts

2. Disputes between councils and applicants in the planning matters

3. Any other legal disputes. 

Therefore, are immediate clients are:

1. Council legal departments

2. Developers

3. Any other stakeholders who are involved in a dispute. 

Who are we?

Michael White is an accredited mediator who combines unique knowledge of ADR techniques with expertise in local government space. Read here about his expertise.
Michael is responsible for the Mediation services department at LGI. Drop him a line to find out more:

Contact Michael

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The average costs of a dispute worth £100,000 (for example a contract for refuse services), can be as much as 50-70% of the disputed amount and last years. The cost of a mediation session is around £1,500 and the matter is usually concluded within two-three days. 

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LGI is a member of W&A Mediation Hub. If you need other type of ADR assistance, click on the icon to go to their website. 

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